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Throughout 2014, SASSAFRAS LA will undergo a transformation!

Our team feels this transformation is necessary to stay at the forefront of our State's coastal needs.

Do you have a suggestion on something we should consider during our transformation process? If so, please send us an email at or!

Keep up to date on our progress on Facebook and feel free to contact us!

After the Gulf oil spill, we saw all the things we love about Louisiana—the people, food, music, wildlife, natural environment, industries, and overall rhythm of life—in need. We heard the cries for help and were prompted to action. Since then, we have been on the road to making a positive impact on LA. We love this state we call home, and we are passionate about working to make sure we can continue to thrive here in the future. 

Ultimately, we have realized that everything is tied to the fate of our coast. It is for this reason that we can no longer sit back and watch Louisiana succumb to erosion or disasters—whether natural or manmade. Everything in Louisiana is inseparably linked, so if the coast goes, so go the people.

But we'll cut to the chase. Who are we really? We are the youth—the biggest stakeholders of our state—and we are working together to ensure not only our generation's future, but the future of later generations as well. So we invite YOU to join efforts with us to restore and preserve Louisiana. After all it's your future, your choice.



Why exactly does Louisiana need to be restored and preserved?

Well, the Pelican State loses about a football field of marsh every 28 minutes. That loss adds up to 17 square miles a year. Therefore, the action of an educated youth force is pivotal to the survival of Louisiana's coast.

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